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Tycon Partners will guide you through the process and provide all the coordination and support during the process to get your company listed on Nasdaq or the NYSE. Tycon manages the IPO process with a Project Management system that includes weekly calls, coordination of all the professionals, and assistance with the pre IPO process and the aftermarket support.

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    What is an Initial Public Offering ``IPO``?

    What is an IPO?

    An IPO allows a company to offer shares to the public through an IPO conducted by an Underwriter. The Underwriter is a Broker Dealer licensed by FINRA and the Underwriter can bring in additional Broker Dealers to create a “Selling Group”. The Selling Group sells the IPO shares to their clients who may be Institutional Investors, Family Offices or accredited investors.

    In order for a company to raise money in an IPO, it needs to file a Registration Statement know as an S-1. Tycon Partners is very experienced with this process and have core professionals to guide companies through this process. An IPO can be a good solution for companies with revenue that are experiencing rapid growth.

    Every IPO is different, and the costs for each fluctuates based on factors such as company size, IPO size and amount of money to be raised. A company will need about $250K – $300K to launch an IPO before cash comes in. The total costs including Broker Dealer commissions averages about 10% of the total raise.

    Companies can typically start raising funds in 6-8 months.