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IPO Case Studies - Maston Renewable Energy

In need of patent portfolio commercialization and Growth Capital

Maston Renewable Energy ”

The Future of Renewable”

Maston has over 30 years of development experience resulting in dozens of patented innovative technology in the renewable energy market. With dozens of patents and hands-on involvement in some of the world’s largest renewable energy plants, the principals of Maston Renewable Energy have an unparalleled working knowledge of all types of energy systems.

Tycon Partners is assisting the company by forming a new company, Maston Renewable Energy, LLC to commercialize the dozens of patents including new and improved solar panels, batteries, inverters, thermal battery storage, water filtration that tuns dirty or salt water into potable water, biofuel powered engines and stirling engines that can take heat and produce energy.



IPO Case Studies - Regenerative Medical Treatment Centers

In need of Growth Capital

Our client is a provider of a continuum of non-surgical orthopedic therapies without opioid prescriptions through regenerative and rehabilitative medical treatments to improve the physical health of patients at their fast growing chain of Medical Treatment Centers.

Tycon Partners assisted the company with all aspects of the company’s IPO. While in confidential Registration with the SEC with a Reg A+ Offering, the company was introduced to Investment Bankers and one of the Bankers offered the company a traditional IPO with a firm committed offering. The Registration statement was changed from a Reg A+ Offering to a traditional IPO with an S-1 Registration. They are scheduled to go public in the 3rd quarter of 2018 with a plan to list on Nasdaq.

Reg A+ Growth Capital Case Studies - 3D Glasses-Free, VR Goggles-Free

In need of Growth Capital

Our client is a provider of Glasses-Free & VR Goggles-Free 3D Displays, smartphone screen protectors & cases, tablets and tilt video walls.

Tycon Partners is assisting the company with all aspects of the company’s growth capital and plans for IPO.

Raising Growth Capital with Tycon Partners

IPO Case Studies - Renewable Energy Technology

In need of Growth Capital

Our European client has over 20 patents and makes equipment for the renewable energy industry worldwide. The company had over $20mm in revenue last year and currently has a backlog of $100mm in orders, 60% are from the US and they are in need of growth capital.

Tycon Partners is assisting the company with a move to the US and finding a location for their new 130,000 sq. / ft. factory & distribution center.  Tycon is their Project Manager for all aspects of the company’s IPO. They are would like to go public in 2019 with a plan to list on Nasdaq.

Tycon Partners Raising Growth Capital

IPO Case Studies - Clean Tech Company

In need of Growth Capital

Our client is a provider of high quality treeless paper that is carbon neutral and uses sugarcane waste to make their paper. Our client wanted to raise public growth capital through a Reg A+ IPO with a planned listing on the NYSE American. Tycon Partners is assisting the company with their Reg A+ Offering and when their Reg A+ Offering was postponed by their Investment Banker, Tycon assisted the company with a pre-IPO funding. The company plans to do their Reg A+ Offering in 2019.

Tycon Partners Growth Capital

IPO Case Studies - Artificial Intelligence Marketing Company

Early Stage In need of Growth Capital

Tycon Partners was contacted by an early stage propriatery AI marketing company interested in accessing growth capital through a Reg A+ Offering. Tycon Partners reviewed the company’s business plan and recommended that the company find other similar marketing companies to merge with so the combined company could do a Public Offering. Tycon has been assisting the company by making strategic introductions of similar small marketing companies and prospective new clients to help them increase their revenues. The company plans to have a Reg A+ Offering in 2019 and Tycon is their Project Manager.

growth capital

IPO Case Studies - Environmental Services Company

In need of Growth Capital

The company’s mission is to reimagine the bathroom experience by inventing and investing in new products, new services and new business models so that everyone in the world has access to clean, safe sanitation. Their business model is to acquire existing businesses and invest in new technologies in the environmental services industry.

The company engaged Tycon Partners to assist them in their business mission and be their Project Manager for a Public Offering to grow their business and list publicly. They are planning to do a Public Offering in 2019.

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